Medicare Supplement Insurance

Licensed and contracted with several insurance carriers to offer Medicare Supplement insurance for those clients who desire the freedom to choose doctors who accept Medicare from anywhere in the United States, without the restrictions of a provider network. The flexibility of a Medicare Supplement is also important for those who might need drugs and treatments that will not be covered by a prescription drug plan.

Medicare Advantage Plans

These popular plans from many insurance carriers offer low monthly premiums and may include prescription drugs as a part of their plans.  Many plans offer low Maximum Out of Pocket (MOOP) charges.  They incorporate provider networks to help to keep fees and premiums low, and may offer  Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) networks and Preferred Provider Organizations (PPO) networks.

Prescription Drug Plans

Licensed and contracted with several insurance carriers to offer Medicare Prescription Drug insurance.  These plans should always be considered in conjunction with a Medicare Supplement plan to provide the full complement of Medicare offerings.

Final Expense Insurance

This is a form of permanent life insurance to cover expenses at the end of life. Many reputable insurance companies offer these plans.

Indemnity Plans

Several insurance carriers to offer plans to help cover hospital expenses, cancer treatment, heart attack recovery, etc. These plans pay (indemnify) you when you have these diagnoses, even if you have Medicare health insurance. This is also a way to plan for loss of income during recovery.